About the Friends of the Robbins Library

4203760129_14a4bdb26b_oThe Friends of the Robbins Library is a non-profit, volunteer organization with the overall goal of supporting and enhancing the activities of the Robbins and Fox Libraries for the benefit of the local community.


By becoming a friend of the Robbins Library, you will be making an important contribution to two of the Towns most vital educational and cultural assets, and enhancing the activities of the Libraries. If you would like to join the Friends, or are interested in volunteering, please see our ‘ Get Involved‘ page! Additionally, you can better understand the services we provide, by looking at our ‘Services‘ page.

Our Friends of Robbins Library Board is made up of about a dozen Arlingtonians, who meet once a month to organize the Friends’ activities.  Board meetings are open to all Friends members.  Meetings typically take place on the first Tuesday of the month at 7:15 pm in the 4th Floor Conference Room at the Robbins Library.  If you’re interested in becoming a member of the Friends of Robbins Library Board, please send an email to: info@friendsofrobbinslibrary.org.

Current Officers:  Susi Barbarossa and Richard McElroy (Co-Chairs), Jourdan Hafen (Vice-Chair), Karen Kittredge (Treasurer), Gwendolyn Wong (Secretary), Sally Naish (Program Director).

Members-at-Large:  Rebecca Kittredge, Lynne Larkin, A. David Lewis, Tomi Magome, Tim Wilson.

Emeritus Members At-Large:  Andrew Fischer, Alison Goulder

Check out the bee hives on the 3rd floor balcony of the Robbins Library funded by the Friends of the Robbins Library.