Ken Mattsson has been a singer, dancer, instrumentalist, actor, promoter and instructor since he was a little boy. He’s performed in numerous genres and in venues as different as Club Passim and Boston’s Symphony Hall.  He’s known for his clear tenor voice and performing music in genres from folk to classical.  He also plays a number of instruments such as the hammered dulcimer, whistles and recorders, and accompanies his singing on various styles of ukuleles.  Whether harmonizing to traditional English Close Harmony songs, singing a sweet Swedish lullaby, or belting out a ballad, Ken will probably find something that will be new to your ears.

On this Valentine’s Day, Ken Mattsson will sing about love in all its forms, whether love of a partner, family member, place, friend or concept, it will be a trip around the world and right next door.  Expect to hear pop, folk, Hawai’ian, Swedish, and original songs that will put a smile on your face and a lightness in your heart.  

The virtual event is part of the Friends Reading Room Music Series (though sadly not in the Reading Room at present). It will air on Sunday, February 14 at 3 pm and is free and open to the public. Check back for further details.

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